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Brian & Wendy Hallek -- Sep 2013

We wanted to take a moment to tell you what an incredible experience we had with Sherry Lawson. We recently relocated to Santa Barbara and were fortunate enough to meet Sherry! Her expertise in all aspects about selling and buying a home has made our dream a reality. She generously shared advice and also aided us immensely in the sale of our home in San Diego. She made herself available to us to answer questions about the sale of that home at all hours (and we took advantage of that too!) We said several times “If we had Sherry in San Diego our house would already be sold!” Sherry managed our escrow process wonderfully and professionally. She was completely our advocate during the negotiations and we know we were able to secure additional money for repair that we never would have seen without her help. Sherry is a complete asset to your team. We will refer anyone we possibly can to Sherry Lawson!

Andy Granatelli -- Sep 2013

Throughout the years of our acquaintance, Sherry has brought me numerous well thought-out real estate investments. She always conducted herself in a professional and diligent manner and has an excellent reputation. I have always heard people speak well of her. I believe Sherry to be knowledgeable, trustworthy and honest.

Detlev Peikert -- Sep 2013

We had the opportunity of working with Sherry Lawson on a real estate transaction involving a property to be developed into a condominium project. My purpose in writing is to let you know how much we appreciated working with Ms. Lawson. She worked exceptionally hard on this transaction and proved herself to be very knowledgeable about all the intricacies and technicalities involved in our purchase offer. She was especially adept at communicating clearly with all the parties involved.

Sherry is exemplary of the highest standards of the Real Estate profession. It was a pleasure working with her and we look forward to working with her again.

John Weiz -- Sep 2013

Sherry has done an excellent job to find us our ideal home. Our current house search will be the sixth real estate purchase I have made. Sherry is the best Realtor I have worked with so far. She listens to what the client is looking for and has effectively shown us all the properties that meet our criteria. Sherry also tries harder than other Realtors I have worked with to negotiate the best price and terms for the Buyer. She also spent time with us around Christmas to show houses, when many other agents would not have taken the time to do this around the Holidays. Sherry has spent a great deal of time explaining every part of the transaction to us clearly, and offers great creative ideas. She also explained some of the details to my wife in Spanish, which I appreciate because my wife is not fluent in English. I feel confident that with Sherry anyone can find the best house they need. I wrote this letter to let your firm know you have an agent that you can really be proud of.

Lauren Bella -- Dec 2017

I would like to recommend Sherry Lawson and wanted to write this letter to inform you about the care, professionalism, hard work, and dedication she has provided to me. What is most important is she is a good person, loyal, and trustworthy. She has been helping me on a regular basis, and I want to rent and sell my property, and I feel confident relying on her. I’ve learned a great deal from her. She’s a fantastic negotiator, tremendously resourceful, and has great qualities including intelligence, good reasoning, insights, enthusiasm, patience, and kindness.

Sherry handles things with a high level of confidentiality, responds to requests, helps with issues, offers ideas, and more. She goes out of her way to find opportunities for me and networks well with others.

I could go on and write more but if you are lucky to have Sherry on your team, you will know the difference, because she has been incredible. I am happy to speak with you and I appreciate the opportunity to provide this to you and share with you this wonderful person who has helped me so much.